Jamón bellota 50% RAZA IBERICA (7-7.5kg. aprox) - Encinar del Jamón

Acorn ham 50% RAZA IBERICA (7-7.5kg. approx.)

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Iberian Ham and Shoulder

Products made from the hind limb or leg (Ham) or front limb (Shoulder), from pigs certified according to R.D. 4/2014 as Iberian ham (according to breed and feed), subjected to a salting, drying and maturing process, with a minimum curing time as indicated in the table.

Product CERTIFIED by CERTICALIDAD, S.L. in accordance with Royal Decree 04/2014.

Acorn-fed ham 50% 730 days

Acorn-fed shoulder ham 50% Iberian breed (98%), salt (1,97%), acidity regulator E-331iii, preservatives E-252 (0,015%) and E-250 (0,0099%) Antioxidants (E-304 and E-306)

It does not contain any ingredients, as specified in ANNEX II of Regulation 1169/2011, which may cause allergies or intolerance.


Acorn-fed hams and shoulders Hams and shoulders of fattened pigs
Energy value KJ: 1401 Kcal: 335 KJ: 1267 Kcal: 303
Fats 22,2 19,2 g/100gr.
Of which Saturated fatty acids 6,53 7,81 g/100g
Carbohydrates 0,5 0,1 g/100g
Of which Sugars 0 0 g/100gr.
Of which dietary fibre. 0 0 g/100gr.
Of which Protein 33,2 32,3 g/100gr.
Salt 4,83 4,85 g/100gr.

Source: BEDCA database


Colour Typical of cured Iberian ham. With a pearly-white fatty streak.
Aroma Pleasant and characteristic
Taste Lightly salted cured meat
Texture Homogeneous
Weight 10 kg

Knife cut, Whole piece

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